Africana Studies

Why Africana?

Africana is very important and its history is relevant to this campus - Maia Coltes-Pierce

Reclaim academic spaces we were told we never belonged in! The personal is political! - Barbara Cruz ’19, Government

It isn’t a question, these studies are important. - Brianna Campbell

Africana Studies was fought for everyone to have a more complete education. - Evan Reynolds ’19

Taking an Africana course my freshman year opened my eyes to all the amazing black leaders that have shaped the movement for black liberation. Africana is so important to the growth and development of black students at Cornell and is a very important part of our community - Melissa ’17

Because now more than ever we need to be able to understand and stand in solidarity with those different from everyone with full respect for their experiences - Grace Robbins FGSS ’16

We should study Africana Studies because it is extremely vital that students at Cornell can engage in conversation about issues pertaining to marginalized peoples and do justice to give them a larger voice - Summer Lopez-Colorado

Black voices and stories must remain represented on this campus for the wellbeing and education of all students - Delmar Fears ’19

As a graduate student in the English department, I have taken nearly half of my courses in the Africana Studies program and the ASRC has become a second intellectual home. The interdisciplinary and community engagement is an essential part of Cornell - Jesse Goldberg

The most important classes I’ve taken at Cornell have been in the Africana Studies Department - Jason Jeong ’19

I think now, more than ever, it’s crucial to learn about the struggles of African Americans so that every effort is made to prevent future instances of hatred and bigotry towards any and all groups.

We should study Africana Studies to understand and increase our solidarity with the people of the African Diaspora.

Africana Studies is very important! We should all (as students and as an University) put more emphasis on ethnic studies so we can become a more empathetic and socially aware human beings - Cindy Chen ’19, Biometry and Statistics

Studying African American (and African Diaspora) histories has been critical in my growing understanding of the complexity and urgency of black freedom struggles of generations past and present - Jeremiah Kim, ’19 English