Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies

Why LGBT Studies?

I believe that even in 2016, not enough is being done to educate the world’s population about its LGBTQ+ community. Even at Cornell, immense hatred exists against this community; this hatred stems from ignorance and ignorance stems from a flaw in the US education system. As someone who identifies as straight, I see it as my responsibility to speak out for my friends and loved ones who have been oppressed and marginalized due to their sexualities.

LGBT studies is a vital part of our education; marginalized groups are too often ignored and its important to recognize and support these programs.

I think it is important for people to learn about the cultural impacts and portrayals of queer people throughout history. As a bisexual trans man, it is rare to find people like myself in current media but it was refreshing to see that there portrayals of people like myself from hundreds of years ago. I also feel that cis straight people can begin to normalize people like me if they read more genre literature with queer characters.

Understanding historical context is crucial for a kinder and more accepting world - those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. Also we exist (and always have) and our contributions to literature and society are extremely important! LGBT studies promotes acceptance and helps LGBT people discover themselves in a positive and uplifting academic setting - Megan Roughan

LGBT Studies is necessary to expand the mindset of our students. There needs to be more staff and information on these courses and the material covered. These courses cover more than sexuality, they cover oppression, resistance, history and the lives of our ancestors.

LGBT is a necessary subject to study because all people deserve representation. Without study, marginalized communities are ignored and forgotten. The LGBT studies program deserves funding and attention.

Because now more than ever we need to be able to understand and stand in solidarity with people different from ourselves with full respect for their experiences - Grace Robbins ‘16 FGSS

Studying ethnic studies is important for harmony between all our ethnic groups. As America becomes more diverse this understanding becomes more important. It is also the greatest defense to demagoguery. - Edison Windsor, Biological and Environmental Engineering ‘16

LGBT studies is important because it allows people the ability to think critically about the social mechanisms that result in marginalization of people and how to fight back against these mechanisms - Brian Young

The courses I’ve taken that were cross-listed LGBT Studies have been fundamental to my research and teaching. It would be great to have more of them - Stephen Kim, Grad

Our history is extremely important - we exist and our visibility is necessary for a more understanding and kinder world. We’ve always been here and understanding our history is important - Meg Roughan

We need LGBT studies to fight homophobia and queerphobia! - Carrie Freshour

Critical study of sexuality and queer theory offers a toolkit for intersectional thinking across all the forms of difference represented by these programs. And this kind of thinking is more important in the current sociopolitical climate - Scott, PhD student, Anthropology

We must support LGBT Studies because LGBT people are an especially vulnerable right now to the hate brewing in American society but we must also recognize that we must support people of LGBT identification at all times because they are a strong part of our society. We must show solidarity and continue to educate ourselves for collective liberation.

In a time of political and social uncertainty, this program will serve to promote the well-being of diverse communities as well as expand safe spaces and education for gender and sexual minorities - Jesus Garcia, Cornell Class of 2019, Human Development